Apogee Joins with the Killebrew-Thompson Memorial in the Fight Against Cancer

Danny Thompson was a shortstop for the Minnesota Twins who was diagnosed with leukemia after only one season in the major leagues. He went on to play two more seasons, before losing his battle with cancer in 1976.

The following year, Twins legend Harmon Killebrew organized a charity golf tournament in Sun Valley, Idaho to honor Thompson’s memory and to raise money for cancer research. The inaugural event was attended by then President Gerald Ford, baseball greats Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio, and other dignitaries. In 2011, Harmon Killebrew lost his own battle with cancer, and the tournament was renamed the Killebrew-Thompson Memorial (KTM) in his honor. Over the years, the KTM has raised millions of dollars to support the fight against cancer.

Apogee Enterprises joined with Killebrew to sponsor the first tournament in 1977 and has continued to sponsor the event every year since. At this year’s event, which was held in August, Apogee was honored to receive the Brad Corbett Award, in recognition of the company’s significant efforts to support the Killebrew-Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament and its charity work. Apogee’s CEO, Ty Silberhorn was joined by former CEO’s Joe Puishys and Russ Huffer to receive the award.

KTM Board Chair, Doug Oppenheimer, made the following remarks when presenting the award to Ty, Joe, and Russ:

“Since our very first event 46 years ago, Apogee Enterprises has been a significant part of KTM, every single year. Apogee began as Harmon Auto Glass over 70 years ago and used Harmon Killebrew as their advertising spokesperson with a campaign tagline “Harmon for Harmon”! So, when Harmon Killebrew began this fundraising effort for his beloved teammate Danny Thompson it was not a surprise that he called the then CEO of the company for support. Apogee has supported our cause with over $1 million in sponsorship money over the years. Every CEO of the company has been a part of the Killebrew-Thompson Memorial and is one of the big reasons that this event has gone on for 46 years. They have also served on KTM’s board of directors and also each serving as Chair of the Board during their tenure. Apogee’s newest leader, CEO Ty Silberhorn, is now continuing this incredible tradition. Thank you, Ty, for the continued support. Apogee has had a wonderful impact in so many people’s lives.

Thank you, Apogee. What a vivid and inspiring example of selfless generosity and leading by example. Thank you so much.”